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Tec7 Plumb Flush

Tec7 Plumb Flush



Concentrated Heating System Cleaner

Suitable for use with all types of water based heating systems

Prevents sludging and helps improve the performance of working parts in your system

Removes rust, corrosion, lime and built up deposits

Easy to apply


How to use
Day 1:
● Set temperature control on all radiators to maximum to ensure full circulation
● Bring the system to operating temperature. Stop the heating system and drain the water completely.
● Fill the system halfway with water and add Plumbflush.
● Top up with water to the prescribed level and start up and bleed the system.
**Allow the system to operate with all radiators for 2 days. Check that all radiators get hot.

Day 3:
● Drain the water completely from the system so all loosened and dissolved dirt is removed. Rinse the system with clean water to remove as much residue as possible.

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